My Current Predicament

As I am important, I feel mildly justified in giving this it’s own section. Plus it’s complex.

For those who don’t know (mostly strangers, hello fellow cyber vagrants!) I am technically homeless. By which I mean that I am permanently living in a hotel in Reading, Royal Berkshire at the behest of my paymaster in Bristol.  This is primarily because I’m a plucky chap who’s willing to take one on the chin for the greater good, what-what (i.e. no-one else was willing to go). Second-ily, it’s because I moved to Bristol after being thrown out of Solihull, couldn’t find a place to live and went off to live in Reading at someone elses expense.

Ah the joys of being young, free and single. Well, one out of three ain’t bad. Well, isn’t atrocious anyway. Even though it’s the bad one…

Lacking a kitchen (as most Premier Inn’s do) this has resulted in a scenario where I must eat out. Every night. Forever. Till the end of time itself. Or when I stop being a hotel, whichever comes first.  Naturally I’m limited to £25, which means I spendup to £25, which turns out to be a hell of a lot of food.  But, if there is one thing I’ve learnt from this experience, it’s that eating out is rubbish, and home cooked food (including McCain’s oven chips and premade chicken kiev) is great.

All my worldly possessions for up to a month before I return oop north

All my worldly possessions for up to a month before I return oop north

As of writing this, I am still working in that “fascinating” “industry” known as “rail” and yet to fall into a more stationary life (I’m still going away at weekends in an almost hunter-gatherer search for a washing machine).  If I am brutally honest, I am thoroughly enjoying it, being slightly more social that I’m comfortable with and spending too long in London.  Most worrying, I’m running out of eateries I haven’t tried in Reading, and Chinatown in London is losing it’s appeal.

Thankfully, nearby Nodnol has proved to be less “an unfriendly hellhole” and more “a vast collection of lost souls with easy transportation”.  Well, some of the people have been chatty at least.  It’s choice of food is excellent (even if the food itself is not always) and my weekly voyage into it’s intriguing and unusual underbelly has been a highlight of recent months.

If somewhat expensive.  But hey, I get good beer, new and exciting pubs to add to my vast knowledge of, er, pubs and every now and again, drunk.

Oddly enough, says the antonym of “predicament” is “good fortune”. Whether I should change the name for this page, I’ll leave up to me. And I say no.


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