Upon the advise of Mss Yates and Knipe, I have actually got round to beginning the Mr Wilkes named “Gram Blog”.  A seedy, and poorly written diatribe about “stuff” with more rhetorical questions than rhetorical answers.  That will be compensated with really long ramblings which everyone and their dog likes.

Still, this is an “about” page thrust upon the unsuspecting WordPress victim by a, well, quite cool corporation so I’d better say what it’s about.  Much like the BBC, this blog is to provide three important duties

  1. To Inform (on Reading’s finest eateries via the medium of the “completely pointless ranking system”)
  2. To Educate (most likely about the awesomeness of UNESCO, even though I know little about the organisation itself)
  3. To Blatantly Lie (primarily in an effort to acquire some cash or make oneself look “well cool like”)

In other words, I’ve no bloody idea what I’m going to do with this. Why have I set it up after doing cool stuff like shooting, being a Victorian gentleman and burning down that orphanage?  At least it beats Twitter…

Oh and speaking of Victorianisms, I don’t think there are enough in the world, so I intend to bring one back in each post.  Unfortunately, most of them deal with pickpockets, gin and some fine racism. Having not had many encounters with pickpockets or fine racists, I guess I’ll be talking about gin a lot…


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