Posted by: Gram | July 17, 2010

Ever Decreasing Signals

After an adventurous weekend of blowing up locusts with themadass, this week saw my hotel move to the Big Smoke¹.

Now, yes, I know the town better than most people I know, but I’m still needing lessons in how to deal with it every day, since I’m still of the opinion that people in London are more friendly than most of the country².  Since this is no doubt inexcusable, destroying the reputation of both London and the rest of the country, what better way to set me right than being forced to spend a week in Russell Square on the Blue Line?

Whilst this wasn’t the official reason I was sent away from Reading (some nonsense to do with attending a vast number of meetings in Paddington, Victoria and Euston), this did mean I needed to plan for more than a weekend, but rather a whole week.

True to form, I left my phone charger in Reading, thus making the whole week a race against time to sort out my whole week of “education” and not wind up stranded.

It’s gonna be tight…

5 Bars³

Discover breakfast includes omelette option, which is investigated and thoroughly enjoyed.  Negotiations for Tuesday night draining battery, but phone is coping well.  An overrun on meeting and an odd bout of work ethic till well past 6pm knocks off original plan to go see Enron.

Plans changed to go to cinema and eat Lebanese food.

4 Bars

Once again, Lebanese food = indigestion, but day long meeting results in sufficient talking to burn that off.  Thankful access to email means work can be done in the afternoon before assault on Brick Lane can be conducted.  Resultant “Meat Curry” proved to be exactly what it said on the tin.

But, anyone who knows me will know I don’t eat curry needlessly.  Curry led to a party.  And some more grub before heading to bed.

3 Bars

Discovered client are real-people-too big in todays meeting.  Who’d-a-thunk?  Text negotiations to drag more people to comedy gig ultimately fruitless.  Bugger.  Thankfully the improv gig⁴ at the Phoenix pub on Cavendish Square proved to be bloody excellent (with good beer) and was another place to add to my ever growing list of odd toilets.

2 Bars

Ok.  Official meetings in afternoon.  Hotdesking easy.  Meeting Abi and John in evening.  Each are going from different directions.  Meeting at Tower Bridge is allegedly too difficult, since no-one knows where it is, so meeting is at London Bridge.  Battery, worryingly low.

London Bridge a mess to exit from, but still success at meet up.  Enjoyed rather good outdoor blues set in rather good weather.  Naturally, that’s not enough, so it’s off to Square Two for some Polish War Theatre.  Half Templar-Knights, half Hare-Krishnas on stilts whip peasants, who in turn, set fire to their shirts.


1 Bar

Day of hotdesking, then go home, with just enough battery to get a lift from the station.  Phew.  Exhausting week.  And strictly hadn’t been anything *new*.

Can’t wait for the next one :).

¹ And no, it wasn’t a Premier Inn.  I’m not sure what I’ll do to peddler of purple Lenny Henry if I ever see him, but I’m guessing it won’t be pleasant…

² This statement naturally excludes Lancashire.  But it’s practically it’s own country anyway.  Well, the BBC think so

³ Battery bars, not Apple Signal Bars.  Or the good type of drinking bars…

⁴ Got a couple of my suggestions through as well.  Whilst murder in the Sticklebrick factory was rather good, I’m most pleased with what the crew did with suggesting “ninja penguins” as an addition to a Film Noir.  Hopefully Chow Yun Fat will never find…


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