Posted by: Gram | June 11, 2010

The Massive Racist Test

I mentioned last time that I was reading “Blink”, a popular book on psychology, a subject I’m finding more interesting after being recommended the excellent Oliver Sacks book, “The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat“.¹

Another case of judging a book by its shiny cover, it proved to be more like Sacks’s book than I originally thought, dividing its points and observations via a series of case studies which ultimately conclude the following:

  • If you describe someone’s experience, you’ll forget what actually looked like
  • Instinct is good, and often better than studying
  • You can tell if a couple will get divorced by having just one conversation about their dog
  • Micromanagement is not suited to war
  • We’re all massive racists²

Why? Well, basically, despite efforts to promote equality, the majority in society will always be associated with “good” whereas minorities will be associated with “bad”.  And the test to find this out is the Harvard University Race IAT, where you are simply asked to press a button as ask what race a picture is, or whether a word is “good” or “bad”.  The speed of your response dictates how difficult it is to associate each with each, and thus, your own prejudgement.

Give it a go³.  It’s well worth it.  Then post your shame below if you like.

This of course, is either nonsense or common sense.  Depends on my own liberal-voting, quasi-socialist, possibly secret Commie result.  And it was?

“Your data suggest a moderate automatic preference for European American compared to African American.”⁴

H-what!?  Ah screw your silly unscientific test, what does it know…

¹Yes, I’ve basically turned this blog from a restaurant review to a tourist report to a book review site.  Meh. sue me.

² Including the book’s author, a half Jamacian afro’d genius

³ Unless you are Nick Griffin, the result may well blow up the internet.  Unless it’s this Nick Griffin.  Poor bloke…

⁴ Most worryingly, they ask you for your postcode at the end of the test.  After doing so, the rozzers arrived outside our house.  Thankfully, they just collared and knicked some other racist who was on the street.  Phew…


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